ChartMaestro is a stock analysis application for Mac OS X. It is focused around the concept of Smart Trading. Smart Trading is about data mining the stock market automatically through smart watchlists to find interesting stocks within seconds that would take hours if you would browse them through manually. It's also about customisable interactive charts that catch how the market moves. Smart Trading is when you get in control.

ChartMaestro is available on the Mac App Store for $30.

Smart watchlists = Smart Trading

This is where Smart Trading begins: by getting a quick overview of the stock market through smart watchlists, you're in control. You create the rules with the indicator language and ChartMaestro finds the stocks you are looking for. Imagine browsing through 200 stocks to find those having a low Relative Strength Index (RSI). A smart watchlist can do that automatically for you.

Customisable, interactive charts

Interactive charts brings out the chartist in you, by providing smooth zooming and panning while adjusting the price scale automatically for you. You can customise the charts in any way you like. Change the colours, choose your indicators or even create new indicators. This is your playground for new interesting analysis. Think out of the box! Want to plot a 3 days moving average of 14 days RSI? Want to plot the bollinger band of the MACD indicator? You can do this and more.

2D Scatter plots

Version 1.4 brings a new amazing scatter plot feature, which allows you to visualise a watchlist in one single view and animate it through time. Catch how the whole market moves instead of just individual stocks! You can even create own 2D views with the indicator language. The 2D plot brings a whole new perspective to Technical Analysis as a concept. The stocks can suddenly cluster around a single location, move together, turn together, and diverge.

Indicator language

The engine behind ChartMaestro is the feature rich indicator language ML (Maestro Language) that you use to both create rules for smart watchlists and to customise your charts. ML is based on RPN, Reverse Polish Notation, and is a stack based language (much like HP calculators). ChartMaestro comes with a number of different indicators such as MA, EMA, RSI, MACD, etc, but you can also create your own functions if that is not enough.

Join the community. Join the forum!

ChartMaestro is an advanced program and you will get most out of it once you have learned to create your own smart watchlists and functions using the indicator language. This can be a bit intimidating at first, but you will find plenty of resources at the ChartMaestro portal like the tutorials and the blog. Also, don't forget to join the ChartMaestro forum where you can get ideas of new analyses and discuss them with others.


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