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ChartMastro is different from many stock analysis tools you have seen. Most analysis tools only allow you to analyse one stock at a time. However, stocks are highly correlated and move together in trends. It is therefore necessary to analyse the market as a whole to see which stocks that are trending. ChartMaestro allows you to do this and more. You can use smart tools like smart watch lists, create your own chart views and scatter plots, while easily keeping track on your portfolio.

An interface you are familiar with

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You will immediately be familiar with the interface. ChartMaestro’s user interface is similar to other Mac programs like iTunes, Mail or Finder. On the left side (A) you have all your watch lists and functions. You also get access to a list of the stocks you currently own. The right side is divided into three parts. The chart view (B) is at the bottom of the screen. Here you can choose between a chart view or the 2D scatter plot. In the middle (C) we find the actual watch list you have selected in A. This table has a number of columns with useful information about each stock. The stock you select will immediately be shown in the chart (B). At the top you will find a profit summary for the stocks you own in the watch list you have selected (D).


Capture market moves

With features like Smart Watch lists and 2D scatter plots, you can easily capture how the market moves and which stocks that are trend makers. Smart watch lists make it possible to set up rules that are automatically updated. These rules are constructed using the built in indicator language. Here are a number of interesting smart watch lists that you can easily create:

  • Include stocks where open price of today is higher than close price of yesterday.
  • Include stocks where moving average of three days is higher than nine days.
  • Include stocks where relative strength index (RSI) is below 30.
  • Include stocks where standard deviation of gain is below a specific value.

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You can of course also combine these rules into one smart watch list. This makes it possible to set up a number of smart watch lists that capture the market as a whole and see which stocks that are trending together.

ChartMaestro has both “normal” watch lists and Smart Watch lists. A normal watch list is a watch list where you manually add and remove stocks that you are interested in. Smart watch lists are automatically updated every time you reload the latest stock data. You can see on the right side how many stocks that are included in each watch list. This is really powerful because it allows you to quickly get information about overall market. In this example, we see that 4 stocks have RSI lower than 30 and 5 stocks with RSI higher than 70. We also see that there are 30 stocks with stochastics lower than 20 and 8 stocks with stochastics higher than 80. This tells us that there are quite many stocks with really low stochastics, indicating that the market as a whole is probably a bit bearish.

At the top, you have access to all the stocks you have added to ChartMaestro. In this example, there are 82 stocks added to the library. Then there’s a library for the stocks you own. This library gets automatically updated when you add or remove stocks from your portfolio.



2D scatter plot

With 2D scatter plots, where each stock is visualised as a filled circle, you can visualise the whole stock market in one graph to quickly grasp general trends and see if the market as a whole is converging or diverging. It also allows you to move back in time and animate how the market moves. This tool comes with a number of views you can choose from and you can also create your own 2D views using the indicator language, making this tool a truly amazing and flexible market analyser.

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Chart tool

However, what is a stock analysis tool without a great and powerful chart tool? When you have finally picked out that particular stock from your smart watch lists, you of course want to take look at its chart. ChartMaestro comes with an interactive and flexible charting tool that allows you to zoom in and out in real time. You can choose from popular charts like RSI and MACD, and you can even create your own using the indicator language. Below is an example plotting bollinger band and volatility.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 09.36.30


Portfolio manager

ChartMaestro comes with a great portfolio manager that keeps track on the current value of the whole portfolio. However, it is a little bit smarter than that. It will adapt itself depending on which watch list you are looking at, so that only stocks contained in that watch list will be part of the portfolio. This makes it possible to quickly get an overview of the stocks you own that are trending or whatever you might be filtering on in your smart watch list.

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Updating your portfolio is really easy. You just select a stock that you want to add and then enter the number of stocks you own and the purchase price. The list of stocks you own will automatically update itself.



If you have any inquiries or questions of any sort, please contact me at I aim for a good level of support and will answer you as soon as I can.

Lars Forsberg / Maker of ChartMaestro