ChartMaestro offers a unique way to scan the markets.
Lovely graphics and great interactivity, the author really knows how to design visually.
Smart Charting, Smart Trading
About ChartMaestro

ChartMaestro is a stock analysis application for Mac OS X with data mining features such as smart watch lists and customisable interactive charts. You can get it for free from Mac App store.



PLEASE NOTE: Stock data is downloaded directly from Yahoo Finance by you. ChartMaestro is not re-distributing any data and does not take any responsibilities of the quality of this data or of any analyses or trades that you do. Data can be broken and the tool may contain bugs. It is your responsibility as user and data downloader to verify your own analysis and the data. By using this app, you agree with these terms. Also see Apple’s EULA.

Contact information:

If you have inquires, please write to

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Data mining

ChartMaestro offers unique data mining features to scan the market for stocks to trade. Instead of manually reviewing each individual stock, you can create smart watch lists that capture stocks of interest based on your rules, e.g. all stocks with RSI<30. Furthermore, ChartMaestro’s unique 2D visualisation makes it possible to quickly grasp movements of hundreds of stocks over time.

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Here are some of the features in ChartMaestro:

1. Interactive & customisable charts
2. Common indicators like RSI and MA
3. Indicator language
4. Smart watch lists
5. Manual watch lists
6. Portfolio management
7. 2D scatter plot
8. Smart value in watch table
9. Download data from Yahoo Finance
10. Includes stock lists for common stocks
11. Great support

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